June 12, 2009

Grief is elusive
like steam from tea
like a passing thought
of days gone by

Grief consumes me
intoxicates me

But only for a moment

Welling eyes and hot face

It's pain that doesn't hurt
like bad words
like a backfiring tailpipe

The pain consumes me
and twists me
It pours me on the floor
and pokes needles in my spine

Then it's gone
like hunger
like laughter


floots said...

this is so beautiful
so sad
so apposite
love the way the imagery moves
from the "trivial" - steam from tea
to that powerfully bleak ending
like hunger
like laughter

(sorry i've rabitted on
it struck a chord with me0
thank you

Coin & Feather said...

This is lovely...I love the line "pours me on the floor." It circles back to the tea at the first of the poem. I thought your site just had art on it! Woo HOO!