November 29, 2010


Drifted passion
Settles into silks
The waves
Of timeless silence
Breath holds
Our truth
Touched skin
Sweetly stuck
Shared glances
In forever eyes
You give me
Pieces of your heart
Wrapped in gold
And dreams
Want for nothing more
My whispered warmth
Tells you

November 25, 2010


Fall of night
Godless charcoal gray
Silhouettes against
The flick of guardian light
Gingered steps of small beasts
Window side
The sound of sleep
Through nature's door
Blurring scapes
Fuzzing pillowed cotton
To visions of you
The sun keeps me warm
Fire wrapped
Spanish horizon
Each word in my ear
Tongue licked
Each finger on my skin
Tongue licked
Sacred shadows
Bury deep inside me
Timeless sky
Thrust under skin
I see with eyes closed
From saints
And tines
His royal lineage
Bared apparent
From jester to joker
He makes me laugh
Every shattered silence
Filled with the each of us
Our remote island
Of unconditionality
From core's depth
We blend slow

November 21, 2010

I'd call you...

Out of blue night
Star shined
In daylight
With a winking
Glimmered echo
Of golden heat
I'd call you the sun
You reflect
Each smiling beam
From the moon and back
On gentle waves
Of a salted sea
Almost completely closed off
By earth
From my half sky
You tap the panes
Of glass
Feet from my bed
Soft fingertips
There and gone again
I'd call you the rain
Opened window
Warm wet skin licked
Dusted drought
To a forest stream
From the sky
Smooth of rose petals
Velvet blanket
In mid autumn
Nocturnal eyes
Refracting every word
To intimate artistry
I'd call you the night
Wrapped warmth
Under my skin
To burst
Timeless affection
Lifts me
Every moment of you
Inspiring day

November 13, 2010


Scribbled words on the wall
Sad graffiti
My life story
Looked at
They wander away
To the next wall
And to the next
Nothing special
They say
Run of the mill
Dream factory
They brood
I'm entertainment
In passing
Then dropped
Like a child's game
Plucked flowers
Cracked dry to unspecialness
These words
Droop with the same old
Same old

November 10, 2010

deep glow of blue

No one sees
I hold it well
Something in my eyes
Trying to leave me
Letting go
Universe hid
Explained away
Red puffy skin
Deep glow of blue
Nothing of time

November 4, 2010

if i saw you today

If I saw you today
Could I hold you in the shattering moments of time
Arms wrapped around skin I've held so tightly in nihilistic conception
My heart rises to my throat as I inhale you at your neck
Eyes close and the universe stills itself
Stopping for eternity as we become a single moment in the fog of millions
Kissing your cheek
Your head turns and your lips meet mine with passion's introduction
Positioned eyes open right now
And always
If I saw you today
Time would stop
And I would follow your skin to the letter

hurly burly

Stretched rib cage
Curdled fat
Beneath the wrinkles
Of decades
With searing optical zoom
Gut ripped
From cunt
To vocal cords
Split open
To see what's inside
My heart beats
Words and love
Through tired veins
Useless organs
Squirming in thought
Holding on to you
Each piece of me
A sponge of simile
Died red
The purr
Of knowing
So lost
In the death of night
I can barely hear you breathe
On the moon
As the moon
I'm opened
You watch from the sky
The alone
Of this muted hurly burly
Un bear able
As scalpel's edge
Through thin skin

November 3, 2010

star cluttered

The death of me
This wasting away
Six months making
Here I lie
Cliff dove
Waterless bottom smashed
Police tape crossed
Seeing sky
I can hardly breathe
Self-induced bubble skin
Up and down
With desperate breaths
In stewed broken promises
Waiting for word
The Fuck Off
The I Miss You
I die
Every night
Every morning
Knowing what I do
The right and wrong of it
I do
Blinded by night sky
Cluttered with stars
There is a moon back there
Lost messengers
Tear carmelized papers
Letters fall to dirt
Mixing with earth
And I die
All over again