January 30, 2011


Spun circles
Square of salt
At the tip of her tongue
Circus trick
Oozing truth
Underskin injected
And fight alike
Winter to winter
Sweet survival
Of flowers

January 22, 2011


Single eyelash
On my finger tip
Blowing it away
To infinity
With a wish
Lost in weeds
And dirt
My wish
History mixed
In rubbish unmattered
His zephyr
Picks me up
Drifted on southern drafts
Tiny surface scratched
Eyes wide open
Felt wind
To be taken
In my own infinity

January 18, 2011

our box

Lying in the grass
Backyard tall
The very dirt
I thought
I'd be buried
In pieces
We spell
In outlines
Of stars
Circle of moon
Holds our single silhouette
Dressed in silver light
We live, breathe
In our box

January 11, 2011

dried leaves

Rocked wood
Worn through polish
To bare
His baby sleep
Of old men
Window sat
Hunched over bones
Swallowing another shot
Whisky stained night
Slurs into dawn
Whiling away
The life he grew into
Freight train passenger
Thundered boxcar
Building fires
He wakes
Another day
On rails of the long haul
Ever closer
To familiar sameness
The collected yellow
Of dried leaves
His brittle bones
In motion of spun earth

January 9, 2011

still here

I left my soul in a poem
Washed clean in the showers of spring
The almost-year that's passed
And I'm still here
I left my heart in a thousand poems
Butchered, spackled and torn
A centuries-old connection
And I'm still here
I leave my love in single words
Deleted by winter's cold
As numbers flick by, one at a time
And I'm still here

January 4, 2011


New moon dark
Held in night's stillness
Feeling your heart beat
Against my back
Your breath in my ear
Soft words like stars
Burning up as they fall
The curve of the earth
Rolls with my hips
To foothills and mountain tops
Arm over my waist
Embracing the unknown
Clouds of dreams
Wash us away
Until the sun rises
Over our curled up
We sleep
Like quiet waves
After a solar storm

January 1, 2011

your night

I love your night
And where it came from
The soft insanities
Living in the dark
Shadows and silhouettes
That follow you
Roam my fantasies
I love your history
Of ghosts across plains
In musty old castles
Lurking on covered bridges
I love your violence
Spinning like a worn eddy
In a river of thought
Never a fist
But when you sleep
You wrestle your demons
Raging for justice
I love your struggle
For freedom
A sense of independence
I want to give it to you
All of it
But the journey
Is your own