January 18, 2011

our box

Lying in the grass
Backyard tall
The very dirt
I thought
I'd be buried
In pieces
We spell
In outlines
Of stars
Circle of moon
Holds our single silhouette
Dressed in silver light
We live, breathe
In our box


Reflections said...

Interesting perspective lies here in the grass, this little box, framed by a world around it. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Stunning - I used to do that too! Wow you have triggered some gorgeous memories - thank you

dustus said...

Contemplative poem that considers the box we live in and one we'll eventually inhabit; in addition to projecting "outside the box" of our microcosm. Very well done.

Brian Miller said...

i must say the box stresses me out at times...but love wins in the end...nice one shot

earthgirl said...

wish I were in that box...

Anonymous said...

You always make me think. I love your words. Beautiful.

Refuge Insomniac said...

I absolutely love short poems (ADD perhaps, or so my wife says :-)) that make me think, and take me back to fond memories. More importantly, I like the woven complexes of your words “Backyard tall”, for me, it’s these phrases which represent the true joy of poetry. Wonderfully done! Thank you.

Shashi said...

Its a beauty.. I liked it so much. Thanks for sharing..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Steve Isaak said...

Romantic, offbeat, fun.