February 22, 2011


Slipping into night
Undressed... exposed
To dark shadows
Love worn corners
Beneath wet fingertips
Electric touch
Her spine arced to him
He bends with her
Becoming wind
In one breath
Melting every moment
Before him
Silk of her wings
Wrapped his every move
Like freshly dried sheets
Warm against his skin

February 15, 2011


I know how people become homeless
Severed lines once well grounded
Friends, family disintegrate in a wash of resentment
Slipped footholds to an abyss of unknown
Where needs slow into wants
I thought I had it
I thought I'd make it
Each penny to someone else for something gone
I know
How people become homeless
Collapsed foundation, the roof falls in
Cutting every piece away in ordered priorities
Letting love go ...it's too expensive
No time to the bottom of the penny jar
Closer to alone finds a new level
Of just what we'll take
I know how people become homeless
I'd rather waste away than have you see
What's become of me
All that's left is dirt
And words

February 13, 2011

cliche of flowers

Glowed light within
Deep inside
Plastered opaque white
Bright tiny red
Supernova expanse
Pinpoint shine
Broken through steel
Skeleton under stretched skin
This bloom
Beating in atoms
Pushed by fire
Self-ignited arson and iron
You breathe in
My every thought
Closer than feeling
Shaping something
From nothing
My emptied space
Filling, filled, wanting
The cliche of flowers
My bloomed affection
Like brightening flames
From candles to wildfire
From like to Love

February 8, 2011


I think
Post human
Source code
Smoke and flamed
Event horizon
Sucked and
Spun black
Tech chip
In dust
My new drug
A zombie

February 7, 2011

we met

I remember
when I could
string words
like glass beads
for your neck

I remember
when my words
meant so much more
than scratches
on burnt skin

I remember
when I turned heads
with a thought
of blue

I remember
when your skin
was made of words
charcoal written
in gray lust

I remember
when I loved you
with words
our skin met