February 13, 2011

cliche of flowers

Glowed light within
Deep inside
Plastered opaque white
Bright tiny red
Supernova expanse
Pinpoint shine
Broken through steel
Skeleton under stretched skin
This bloom
Beating in atoms
Pushed by fire
Self-ignited arson and iron
You breathe in
My every thought
Closer than feeling
Shaping something
From nothing
My emptied space
Filling, filled, wanting
The cliche of flowers
My bloomed affection
Like brightening flames
From candles to wildfire
From like to Love

1 comment:

Rasii said...

First let me say I really liked the tone. The work feels like it is swirling in the emptiness…below the flowers if you will.

The third and fifth stanza’s being my favorite; I especially enjoyed the “Pushed by Fire/Fire and Iron” coupling.

I always find your work on Twitter to be clean and tight, and it stays that way in your poetry. Thanks for sharing. RS