December 29, 2010

she danced

he stitched together
a fire
inside her
the colors
of her heart
and she danced
sky clad
giving herself
to the moon
meadow's scent
luring him closer
and she danced
in dimly lit night
with the moon
and she danced
to make it rain
she got
the moon
to shower her
with love
and star dust
and she laid back
looking at the sky
to count stars
as the moon
kissed her lips

December 27, 2010


My fingers
You imagine
Dragging across your skin
These lips against yours
Exchanged breath
Slow mingling of thought
Braiding of limbs
All my words
Steeped in Love
Dredged up
From a churning sea
Filling your vacant spots
Left by sirens
Like a drug
Melting you
Forging you
Into something
Giving you strength
To move on
Passing through me
Practice poet
Gateway to a horizon
Not mine
In a slow burn

December 23, 2010

without words

I still have your birthday gift
The jellyfish across my wall
The paint is dry, the gloss shines
You're still with me, you know
In the back of my mind
Seeing you in motion, I know you
I should exorcise that demon
But this is my long haul
Still without a word to share
I put them in a box for you
You, who knows me best
Maybe you can open it later
When I give you your birthday gift

December 20, 2010

reluctant invisibility

My invisibility
Is apparent

Knots in wood
Eddies in churned waters
Blacks in eyes

Voyeuristic tendencies
Watching life
From cornered shadows

I was a silhouette
Before broken hearts
Scarred skin
And sleepless nights

Raging fires
Drop forests
Ashen landscapes
Footprints like snow
Even the Phoenix is gone

Raging fires
Steam out oceans
Flapping sea life
Gasped asphyxiation
Even Neptune left

Raging fires
Blinding me
Photo realistic images
Plastered the darkness
Even I can't see

Widening irises
Stored in back pockets
In invisible
Stolen daylight

December 18, 2010

the sun

Opened up
Time and again
The glare of the sun
Melts me in
Hot light
This skin
Scarred and bruised
I keep going
Footprints behind
Prove to me
I'm still moving
Into night
Solitude of dark
Growing shadows
Keep me company
Dancing words
Across my graves
I'll venture into
The sun
When I'm strong

December 13, 2010


I couldn't help
But to fall
Into your unknown
Your every word
A swung mattox
Chipping back
Castle walls
How were you to know
Bricks tumbled
Splashing into an ocean
No longer mine
You say
Space and intensity
To blame
I say
Rose petal fragility
Is my terrible weakness
In your unknown
Grasping at words
Syllable and meaning
Separating letters
I look for me
In you
How are you to know
I tell you too much
Not enough
Looking for just right
You say
I'm in there
With the rest
I say
I like you, I'm
Cracked open like an egg
I'm standing in
A black hole
Nearly lost
Timeless pressures
Swallowed with the
Everything of you
Spinning in shined
Brilliance of you
Flesh and bone
Beautiful flaws
I know you're not
Just bindings and words
Crushed pulp and ink
You are
The warmth of sun
Danced twilight through trees
I am
One of many
Holding a candle [out] to you

old rusted armor

Each piece of armor
Slow succession
Schlepping backwards
Metal dragged
Behind me
This arduous task
Over the shoulder
Chest plate
Why did I take this off?
The helmet
Particularly heavy
In this rain
Legs and feet
Not even polished
Old rusted armor
I stripped this tin
Thinking my heart
Would be okay
This time
Tossing the cage
To wind
Almost blowing away
Clanging of my dressing
Wakes the neighbors
Can't heartbreak
Ever be silent

December 8, 2010

my misunderstanding

I misunderstood you,
I thought you said...
Life's too short
To feel like this
To feel
It's the everything
And nothing
I solicit
With all the words
Cast to distance
Like star light
I'm left
In this well
Each grappled toss
Revealing more
Unbearable feelings
My field is vast
Feet buried
Seeing through weeds
Too far away
My heart
Stuck on one beat
Then two
Fills my head
By sunlight
My gray light
Finds its place
Touching time and tide
I act out
As me
Hoping that's enough
To hold on
To what is there
...I misunderstood,
I just keep saying stuff

December 2, 2010

I am art

Sweep Dry
Wet canvas
Color spike
Remote Prosperity
Local depravity
Chipped stone
Finds form
In striation
The stab of grief
All for display
For unknown masses