March 31, 2011

a toast to now and then

Boot print skid
Through brown vomit
Third stall from the left
Porcelain white
The girl's bathroom
Stained with angst
And sadness
Her pasted face
And dirty fingers
Sink held
Like a jungle sloth
My latex bleached hands
Resurrect memories
Twenty years gone
Watching her stumble
Melt away
Into a puddle
Of whatever alcohol she could get

March 29, 2011


Circumference of his smile lies
Holding a deeply held truth
Over tiny weaknesses
Courage was not his strong suit
Old patterns circular bounce
Leeching every darkened ounce
Archaic desires, foil wrapped
Tucked between marrow and bone
Existing in defiance

March 15, 2011

fabric making

Shades of green
Drift from her
In undersea waves
A handmade dress
Patchworked jealousy
From late night
Glassy eyes
Woven for him and
Frayed at her ankles
She collects
Threads of regret
With numb, calloused fingers
Rebraiding all the nonsense
Into wings

March 12, 2011


When you said,

"I love the sound of your voice."

I float
For a moment
Dandelion fluff

Over the edge
Cliffs shrink
I find a current of air

The world beneath
Anything's possible
Blended colors of my sea

Rush of water
Under foot
I try to land. Squarely.

Past rivers rush
Breezed spring persistence
My footing on slipped bank

The conversation continues.

March 8, 2011


The lies
We tell
Making everything

The venom
Of like minds
Seeking missles

Straws, sweet
In the margins

The slight
Of the skull
On our own

Crush... crush
Calloused skin
And the growth of change

March 1, 2011

billet doux

Typing to the end of the page
Half inked letters
Ribboned metal to paper
Swinging little trebuchets
I love you
She says in her dreams
Carriage return
Playing lettered keys like d'ivoire
Transparent pulp
Felt deep with eyes closed
Shaped with hard black lines
Aide-mémoire for shiny new love
The space bar lay still
Horizontal hesitation
Paper finger holding each word
Un point c’est tout