February 28, 2012

fish in the sea

I hate this

I hate this
This struggle with love
This mudded tug o' war
My feet slipping out beneath me
Buried rock shards
Stab and rake
Across shadowed skin

I see her
My gut flip flops
A fish out of water
I choke on my own words
Suffocating on silence

It was like tea
I made
Hot water with dried
"I like yous"
Caught in a net of
"I'm a complete novice at life"
"A fool in a sea of normalcy"
"Never mind me"
But do

It doesn't matter
Every day a new reservation
To stifle the onslaught
To purge the only feelings I have
For new ones
And new ones

I hate this
The wonder of new daisies
Spun like wild gypsy skirts
A green meadowed snow melt
Afraid of the sun

My fingers know it
As they slip and fiddle and drop

Oil to my water maybe
Persuasion to my persuasion
Majors to my minors
...Beyond my reach

And every day
I pretend for nothing
Shrinking back in my shell
Counting breaths
Like flower petals

February 25, 2012

love song

I'd write you a song
Chicken scratched
In my notebook bound
Every word a fractal pool
Layered deep
What no words say

I'm on the outskirts of this town
It's rain-slicked majesty
Mistaken for rain
In a pyramid of sodium light
The street lamp holds me up
Cool as fog
Every look melted
I'm still on the outskirts
Of this town

I'd write you a song
Scribbled dreams of doodled passings
Flowers in bloom through cracks
Of black asphalt
And for every leavened thought
Words sink bottomwise

I'd write you a love song
Though you'd never know
Disguised as songbird's charm
And children's laughter
A note never to ear
I'll whisper to you
On the breeze come Spring

February 23, 2012


Slick over
Dreary wounds
Segmented white
Ocean the red shine
Of rot yet to come

I'm sensitive
It's how I am
I know of no other way to be

February 22, 2012

my town

Streets rest empty
An anxious turn of wind
Spine stiffened
An upward thrust
With broken windows
Gaping holes into black
Deep sighs of vacant nobodies
Blowing ash to grey my skin
Painted shards
Of some days past
Splinter beneath every step
These tattered work shoes
Never mattered
My slow downhill slide
Of loveless decline
To the blown glass heart
A red center
It's everything
With cracks
To chamber
And still transparent
I breath the dry decades
This town could only last
So long
Passed my prime

February 21, 2012

moving on

Moving on
Worthy of equals
I should be still
Like stone or the Sun
Doing what I do in my own brilliant light
Or my own dense hardness
Or both

"You don't know you are winged, but I do. I see your span unfurl daily." - @Paul_McGovern

But she's perfect.
With and without
With and without
The rotation of Earth
She is the flash of headlights on the wall in the late night wait
And the returning darkness in the sweet night embrace

Professed and confessed
I dangle on this limb
An old tire swing in Southern heat
Waiting to sway
With a returned breeze
But nothing
Scrawled nothing
On note paper dreams

This pen
Runs of ink
Have never enough words
Describing the everything
In one
Or a million vials of blue
From one rainbow's color to the next
And back again

I hear the stretch of life
When she laughs
That early morning glow
Skin blushed sky
And together
It all makes sense

Moving on
But I'll still be here
Skipped solar ties
I'll watch her fly
Not believing
She'll find her stars
She's perfect