February 25, 2012

love song

I'd write you a song
Chicken scratched
In my notebook bound
Every word a fractal pool
Layered deep
What no words say

I'm on the outskirts of this town
It's rain-slicked majesty
Mistaken for rain
In a pyramid of sodium light
The street lamp holds me up
Cool as fog
Every look melted
I'm still on the outskirts
Of this town

I'd write you a song
Scribbled dreams of doodled passings
Flowers in bloom through cracks
Of black asphalt
And for every leavened thought
Words sink bottomwise

I'd write you a love song
Though you'd never know
Disguised as songbird's charm
And children's laughter
A note never to ear
I'll whisper to you
On the breeze come Spring

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