March 15, 2011

fabric making

Shades of green
Drift from her
In undersea waves
A handmade dress
Patchworked jealousy
From late night
Glassy eyes
Woven for him and
Frayed at her ankles
She collects
Threads of regret
With numb, calloused fingers
Rebraiding all the nonsense
Into wings


libithina said...

and let those words fly ~ beautiful ~ Lib ~ @libithina

Ghostdog said...

dense, flowing, fluid, sensitive, economical. awesome.

Chris G. said...

Like the creation feel of this - the weave that binds it all, from the "patchwork jealousy" and "handmade dress" to "threads of regret" and "rebraiding all the nonsense". Good image, concise and effective--evokes strong sentiments of sadness for the woman, forced to face the long nights of uncertainty.

Brian Miller said...

perhaps she will learn how to fly...far away from any regrets...

alanboiiz said...

Dont know why -but I quite liked it. flowed and charmed perhaps

Shashi said...

Dear Heather

Very beautiful and I liked the feel of it.. it had so many levels to connect to... thanks for sharing...

ॐ शांति ॐ
Om Shanti Om
May peace be... praying for People of Japan
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gautami tripathy said...

In and out, in and out...I had that feeling, which is good!

an ordinary moment

dustus said...

Fashioning threads of regret into wings.... given the context, a beautiful thought that works on many levels.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will want to add a twitter button to your website. I just marked down this site, but I must complete it manually. Just my suggestion.

Southwest Arkie said...

The imagery is amazing in this one. Love it!