December 27, 2010


My fingers
You imagine
Dragging across your skin
These lips against yours
Exchanged breath
Slow mingling of thought
Braiding of limbs
All my words
Steeped in Love
Dredged up
From a churning sea
Filling your vacant spots
Left by sirens
Like a drug
Melting you
Forging you
Into something
Giving you strength
To move on
Passing through me
Practice poet
Gateway to a horizon
Not mine
In a slow burn


@i15minutes said...

Really like this. The punctual short timing-could almost be looped relentlessly. From dredged up to something tempered. Excellent, Thank You for sharing this.

(P.S. Sorry to blend music with your verse. Last line, 'Slow Burn', great David Bowie song from Heathen Album 2002. Worth a listen.

Jingle said...

heartfelt words.
elegant delivery.

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dan roberson said...

Seduction...and you give the strength for one to move on..phrases like braiding of limbs, my words steeped in love..all those words are powerful. Well written poem.

Anonymous said...

Amazing choice of words, little story covered in feelings! Well done!

Anonymous said...

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