December 20, 2010

reluctant invisibility

My invisibility
Is apparent

Knots in wood
Eddies in churned waters
Blacks in eyes

Voyeuristic tendencies
Watching life
From cornered shadows

I was a silhouette
Before broken hearts
Scarred skin
And sleepless nights

Raging fires
Drop forests
Ashen landscapes
Footprints like snow
Even the Phoenix is gone

Raging fires
Steam out oceans
Flapping sea life
Gasped asphyxiation
Even Neptune left

Raging fires
Blinding me
Photo realistic images
Plastered the darkness
Even I can't see

Widening irises
Stored in back pockets
In invisible
Stolen daylight


@i15minutes said...

Thank you for writing and sharing this.

Beautifully written, and moving

@CoyoteSings said...

I like the "rages" pieces, where even the gods leave....