December 13, 2010


I couldn't help
But to fall
Into your unknown
Your every word
A swung mattox
Chipping back
Castle walls
How were you to know
Bricks tumbled
Splashing into an ocean
No longer mine
You say
Space and intensity
To blame
I say
Rose petal fragility
Is my terrible weakness
In your unknown
Grasping at words
Syllable and meaning
Separating letters
I look for me
In you
How are you to know
I tell you too much
Not enough
Looking for just right
You say
I'm in there
With the rest
I say
I like you, I'm
Cracked open like an egg
I'm standing in
A black hole
Nearly lost
Timeless pressures
Swallowed with the
Everything of you
Spinning in shined
Brilliance of you
Flesh and bone
Beautiful flaws
I know you're not
Just bindings and words
Crushed pulp and ink
You are
The warmth of sun
Danced twilight through trees
I am
One of many
Holding a candle [out] to you

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