February 15, 2011


I know how people become homeless
Severed lines once well grounded
Friends, family disintegrate in a wash of resentment
Slipped footholds to an abyss of unknown
Where needs slow into wants
I thought I had it
I thought I'd make it
Each penny to someone else for something gone
I know
How people become homeless
Collapsed foundation, the roof falls in
Cutting every piece away in ordered priorities
Letting love go ...it's too expensive
No time to the bottom of the penny jar
Closer to alone finds a new level
Of just what we'll take
I know how people become homeless
I'd rather waste away than have you see
What's become of me
All that's left is dirt
And words


Rasii said...

heather, this is really good. very precise in linking an emotion to an image. Even the break of the hook - i know how people become homeless - was well done between the penny and foundation lines. I especially liked how you brought the image of the penny back 'bottom...penny jar.'

A sad and thought-provoking piece.


Anonymous said...

powerful. dirt and words. well done.

bumfuzzled said...

I had my favorite lines picked out well above the end. but the last four lines got me. beautiful, heather, as you always do :)

Don't Want A Real Job said...

I love this piece and it hits home in many ways for me. Very honest and I enjoyed how much imagery spouts out of such concise and thoughtful wording. Cheers!

dustus said...

"I'd rather waste away than have you see / What's become of me" In many cases it is that decimated pride that wins out. Hard-hitting poem.

~Sarah~ said...

Those last four lines for me as well. Wanting to protect what you once appeared to be, and fading away because of it. Very good.

Brian Miller said...

all that is left is dirt and words...tight. i like the repitition as well of i know how people become homeless...it drives the piece...nicely done.

Mad Kane said...

Wow! That's very powerful!

Anonymous said...

Powerful as always..I love your writing Heather! :)

kenny said...

...all that's left is dirt and words...deeply felt.

@CoyoteSings said...

We are all just steps away, in some form or another. You captured it most excellently.


Jessica Kristie said...

Intense and painful. Your words hit hard. I know this pain. Beautiful piece. ♥

Shashi said...

Your imagery and verse is perfect and I really relate to the thoughts that you have created with your words in my mind..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

Anyone close to someone in these circumstances feels deeply your beautiful verse. Thank you for such a moving, thoughtful expression!