January 4, 2011


New moon dark
Held in night's stillness
Feeling your heart beat
Against my back
Your breath in my ear
Soft words like stars
Burning up as they fall
The curve of the earth
Rolls with my hips
To foothills and mountain tops
Arm over my waist
Embracing the unknown
Clouds of dreams
Wash us away
Until the sun rises
Over our curled up
We sleep
Like quiet waves
After a solar storm


Helena Malheur said...

What a gorgeous piece of writing! Loved it.

Lili said...

simply beautiful Heather...

Lisa said...

This is really pretty and gave me some really lovely images. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Simple and so rich with images

Ranee Dillon said...

The sensuality of your writing always touches me. Your imagery is strong pulling me into the lover's dance. Well done!

Poetry Passion Pastry said...

You are a brilliant poet, Heather. {As well as a talented artist.} Love this! dani

Claudia said...

this was wonderfully sensual and heart-warming

Anonymous said...

Very Nice.

Reflections said...

Beautiful, sensual... nice piece.