January 1, 2011

your night

I love your night
And where it came from
The soft insanities
Living in the dark
Shadows and silhouettes
That follow you
Roam my fantasies
I love your history
Of ghosts across plains
In musty old castles
Lurking on covered bridges
I love your violence
Spinning like a worn eddy
In a river of thought
Never a fist
But when you sleep
You wrestle your demons
Raging for justice
I love your struggle
For freedom
A sense of independence
I want to give it to you
All of it
But the journey
Is your own


Goddess Aphrodite said...

Another lovely piece. :) Beautiful words.

@i15minutes said...

Like this a lot. The "I love your" links weaved through and ending with "the journey is your own". Excellent.

Thanks for sharing.