November 21, 2010

I'd call you...

Out of blue night
Star shined
In daylight
With a winking
Glimmered echo
Of golden heat
I'd call you the sun
You reflect
Each smiling beam
From the moon and back
On gentle waves
Of a salted sea
Almost completely closed off
By earth
From my half sky
You tap the panes
Of glass
Feet from my bed
Soft fingertips
There and gone again
I'd call you the rain
Opened window
Warm wet skin licked
Dusted drought
To a forest stream
From the sky
Smooth of rose petals
Velvet blanket
In mid autumn
Nocturnal eyes
Refracting every word
To intimate artistry
I'd call you the night
Wrapped warmth
Under my skin
To burst
Timeless affection
Lifts me
Every moment of you
Inspiring day

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