January 17, 2012


Feeling washed
Color from the glass
Curled skin
Of man-made time
Indecency of wait
Just alone
Capped by slats
Stabbed by finite
In counting
I am
To you

*Photo is "Untitled (Woman and phone)" from the Kitchen Table Series by Carrie Mae Weems.


Anthony Desmond said...

nice poem... the pull of loneliness is felt deeply

Divalounger said...

This one pulled at me--lovely write!

hedgewitch said...

Know the feeling. Pic and poem tell a cold tale well.

Kellie Elmore said...

been there. felt. and what a remarkable job you have done in conveying this lost feeling and loneliness. nice pen.

my latest:

Anonymous said...

sad to feel like no one notices

Brian Miller said...

the clipped lines are very effective in this...and the last three on being invisible...felt..

Robert Gibson said...

Yup. I feel this. Sorta often recently.

Well written.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

The feeling of loneliness was palpable. Well written.

Heaven said...

Nice capture of angst and loneliness of being "invisible"~

Heaven said...

Nice capture of angst and loneliness of being "invisible"~

Heaven said...

Nice capture of angst and loneliness of being "invisible"~

Pat Hatt said...

Can truly feel the lonliness, nicely done!

Mama Zen said...

Nice write. I know the feeling, too.

Anonymous said...

Stunning minimalism -

Charles Miller said...

You catch that moment of despair that thosevwho never get there ever understand.

jackie dick said...

So universal...everyone has been there and you captured that lonliness so very well. Excellent write, for me..for many.

Shashi S said...

Indecency of wait... so powerful. I had to read it few times to soak in and relate with at deeper level.. Thanks for sharing..


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