March 20, 2012

simple line

The calm
Of a single line
Outlined music
For two
A stringed aria
Curved then
Curve again
Holding weight
Of fingers
In the pour
Dimpled recognition
Her eyes
Closed and
Close again
The calm
Of a single line
Heat distracted
Releasing a
Spray of stars
His line
Becomes light
And sighs
And she opens
To calm


Laurie Kolp said...

Enjoyed this, Heather!

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Beautiful writing Heather!

Anonymous said...

Complex, rich, intriguing

Brian Miller said...

nice...i love the geometry through out this...and the cascade form you take works really well in this...nice....

Pat Hatt said...

Calm before the storm maybe, nice write!

Charles Miller said...

You have limned the passions so intimately. It is a dance I see, and one so lovingly told and lived.

Fred Rutherford said...

nice job, really liked this, for the words and the presentation of those words, quite the read. Thanks

jackie dick said...

Lovely, Heather...Thank you!

PoppySilverUK said...

Wonderful cascade of imagery..spirals over itself in prose form, beautifully delivered, love it :)

David Caruso said...

a stringed aria . . . a spray of stars -- a beautiful blend of words here. a blending of delicacy & strength, too. beautiful to read.