April 10, 2012

on starting over

On housed freedom
Elementally protected
She snailed away

On peeling paint
Cried off rotted wood
She looks new

On rusted pipes run
Orange tears on board
She ran from the rabbets

On skyed trees
Sheered for warmth
She took longer to die

On last breaths
Nourishing the green
She's buried beneath


Claudia said...

dang...in every ending there's a new beginning...strong words..

Brian Miller said...

nice...i love the bit of contrast in each of these...and i love the look of rusting pipes too...smiles.

Aaron Kent said...

Love it, there is a definite feel of learning to start again whilst not forgetting the past.

Natasha Head said...

Ashes to ashes...fantastic and darkly spun weave that was must enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Stanza's 4 and 5 are some wonderful examples of writing. Would have to be my favourites here, but it's all good.

Great write.

Anonymous said...

the most powerful line in this, for me, was that it took longer for her to die. that's something to think about

messy little girl

Anonymous said...

On last breaths
Nourishing the green
She's buried beneath

Some lovely imagery here amongst the backfrop of a very bleakly painted subject

this had heart and swung for me

ayala said...

Great imagery with a powerful ending.

Blue Flute said...

I like these little haiku-like stanzas, connected into an interesting little story.