July 20, 2011

start again

Sky blended
Camouflage blue
My invisible eyes
Wept the canvas dry
Pink lemonade
Of newborn skin
And stretched again
Over man made armor
That green insect crawl
Across bruised knuckles
His split tongue
Licking self into atrophy
While each hair
Of the brush
A tree
Under glossed finish
To start again


Andy said...

WoW! This is profound.

Very vivid indeed!

beezknez said...

I take as an artist this is the process of stretching the canvas the beginning of the whole journey like a birth the preparation from the organic birth of each piece to where man comes in to make the tools etc for the picture you have within you that you wish to paint express onto this canvas you have .. dont laugh at me I also then see these words of your expressing yourself and people as the canvas and what our eyes see & what we also see within, as the pictures we stretch of life to how we see and paint things ..yes no? .. well for me I read both of this from your words which I absolutely love .even though again am unsure of what it is you are speaking of I think often the words of someone elses can become like looking at art a personal journey of understanding & not always necessary what the writer intended ... beautiful visually I love your written words always Beez :*)

Reflections said...

Love the depth you have found here... as meanings seem to speak beyond mere words.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you put words together - *blend* them. ;) // Peter.