June 27, 2011

tick of my heart

My jaw
The top of my head
Flips off
Of gap-toothed bats
And stained moths
Caress stale air
Escaping from the dark
Bowl of my upturned skull
Tiny scurried legs
Spiders and roaches
Defy gravity
As they up and over
Leaving a trail
Of sooty footprints
Over illusioned purity
Of dead marbled flesh
Sin of words curse structure
Peeling away all the jointed
The last of my skin
Thuds to the floor
Laying in a crumpled circle
Around the sticks
That hold me up-
Right, skin
Like a plastic grocery bag
Emptied of its treasures
Leaving only the sullied
Record of commuted transaction
What's left
Segmented tick parts
Expand and contract
In tight controls
Sticky legs curl
Against a browned translucent body
My quivered heart
Beating still
Where hearts should be
A cyclical devouring
Of food and life and love
Left of me


Fred said...

What an awesome piece. Absolutely love it. The choice of words to the dark ambiance. Really wonderful piece, thanks:)

Pat Hatt said...

Powerful piece, "devouring" made it that much stronger, just the perfect word to describe the heart in you write, nicely done.

moondustwriter said...

Love the way that life is strewn forth in dark remnants
What a poem!

Brian Miller said...

whew...this is vivid and intense...just the way i like it...excellent imagery...

Kim Nelson said...

Wow! Powerful thoughts that pop out of that head and onto the page. Took me to the old religious adage, "Thought precedes the sin." You guided the journey of the thought!


Anonymous said...

So dark, so vivid, love it!

Elizabeth Young said...

This is dark and calculating but so wonderfully done I felt like laughing in delight! Amazing piece.

jackie dick said...

Dark, brilliant, powerful, and so you, Heather.

Jo Bryant said...

very dark and powerful

Anonymous said...

The weight of these words pulls them down the page...what a beautiful write. // Peter.

Anonymous said...

Vivid Images in this poem make its darkness so beautiful!

ayala said...

lovely...vivid and intense.

C Rose said...

Your imagery plays in the light and dark of inner self, beautiful write ~ Rose

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Totally awesome poem. Not only powerful words but your use of imagery is brilliant. So very dark and lovely.


Paul Sands said...

I love this.