July 13, 2010

if you love him, set him free

When I look to his face
I feel a familiarity
That is ages old

His eyes
Windows deep into his soul
I can touch him there

He sees me
Knowing the knowness
And becoming One a moment at a time

Anything he asks
Is his
He lives in my heart

I know him and knew him
At the same time
I understand him

He cares for me
But has no room
I am too far away

And beautiful
He came from nowhere and everywhere

I wasn't looking
But found this flawed
And perfect light

He woke me up
Wakes me up
Gives me breath in the minutes I'm drowning

Wishing I had the courage
To set him free
But afraid to lose a centuries old connection


Silia J. Hatzi said...

The sparsity of the poem renders the emotionality more poignant, Heather - beautiful.

And, in my experience, connections are not lost when we set others -or ourselves- free. There is a string connecting our heart to theirs while they -and we- are free to soar into new worlds. :-)

Dani H said...

Your words really touch me.