July 31, 2010

my impossible self

Cold comes in through the window
Wrapping my skin like gray smoke
Drawing moisture out through open pores
I evaporate into the blue of night
Particles of my impossible self
Drift back to the outside
A shiny school of silvery fish-like gobs
Circling, protecting what I am
Or will become
From stalking predators
Hungry for flesh that's now meat
The waning moon carries each molecule
With soft light reflecting with underwater luminosity
Flying with undreamt dreams
And unfurled prayers that whisper to oblivious gods
Disappearing in the void of space
I'm blinded by my own green man
He dances on the black hole's edge, pushing me
Razor sharp intent pierces my clouded eyes
I'm spread thin for the first time
For the only and last time
Touching the hot of the Sun
Floating on the ice of Saturn's rings
One million atoms touch
I can see everything clearly now
One piece at a time without time

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