July 9, 2010


This little bit
Of lava in
My hand
Has gotten bigger

It was small when
I started now
I need two hands
To maintain stability

Hovering above
My fingertips sometimes
It touches down and
Burns me

Burning flesh melting
Like candle wax
Cold black loveless
Blood flakes in the mud

Molten rock was
Never for me it
Was always
Someone else's voodoo

An observer I
Watched them twist
And contort in
Relentless passion

As I swam in
The relative comfort
Of lukewarm

These years later
I swim in the
Geo thermo pools I
Didn't know existed

Holding my breath
I dive deep and grab
The glow of pushing
Rock and steam

This ball in my
Hand I thought
I never deserved
And still don't

It melts through
My fingers and
As I try to stop it
It slithers away

And empty handed
I watch lava join
New old lava in
Creative bliss

And empty handed
I watch without
An ounce of control as
I'm swept back to lukewarm seas

And empty handed
I crawl to shore
Soaking and
Reaching for what I never had

Without water I
Gasp for my atmosphere
Bury me before
I feel again

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Dani H said...

This is amazing!