June 26, 2010

real as five senses

Tell me how real this is because
I want answers where
There are none I want
To poke a stick at it and
Have it resist
I want to know reality

Is it real
Like when you're
Trying to sleep in a warm quiet room
And all you can hear is that
Mosquito buzzing by
Your ear looking
For the sweet spot she
Lands on your shoulder and you
Want to smack her but
When you move she's back
In your ear and you'll only hit yourself

Is it real
Like when you're pulling
Weeds in the garden to
Clear a spot to plant
Tomato seeds to grow something
Beautiful and delicious and you
Dig and dig until the dirt is
In every poor and wrinkle and
Under your nails and
When you go inside to
Wash your hands the dirt doesn't
Come off unless you get
The scrubby brush and scrub and
Scrub and scrub it off

Is it real
Like when your friend offers
You a mystery food snack and
The very taste of it may throw you
Into convulsions as you spit it out from
Your mouth and your nose you
Might as well have nibbled on
Some gasoline and a match as
The taste will never
Ever leave you

Is it real
Like every Monday of your
Four years of high school you'd
Daydream in science class and
Smell the scent of the freshly
Mowed lawns wet and
Green fields of carnage that
Every time you smell cut grass it
Takes you right back to the
Treachery and chaos and
Fiction of
Those unbalanced teen years

Is it real
Like watching the death of
A loved one
Going from bright and
Vibrant to wasting away into
Nothingness muscles going hair
On the floor cups of urine and
Tubes of blood losing life as
Life leaves in
The slowest and most
Painful of journeys

Is it real
Like those unforgettable moments in life that
Happen once and
Happen forever
Real like the sky and
The earth
Its own history revolving and
Evolving around itself to the
End of time

I think it is

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