June 17, 2010


I stumbled on your words last night
Every night
I took my eyes off the cracked foundation
Off my footing

Looking to the horizon
But only for a minute
I forgot what's there

Now I remember

This thing inside me
This love of its own
This thing
I won't call love
I can't call love

But is

I don't know how to say it
(always grasping at words and trying to put them together)
I want to shout it
Scream to the Heavens

But I know you know
How could you not

This Is something
I know it's something
It shifts in my heart
In that little dark spot
Where there was nothing before

like a web
Catching more of itself
As it filters through my veins
Filters my blood
You give me life

What if they prove
there are no mermaids
There's only fish and mammals
In the sea
Swimming unmolested by
Myth and hope

What if the world is round
And we just keep spinning with
No hope of connection

When I finally found hope

I will however
Through several lifetimes
A million lives
To say those words
That all the metaphor spells out

That you already know

To say them
Quietly with warm breath
And eyes wide open

Close to your skin

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