August 14, 2010

comfortable words

The house that words built
From foundation buried
To sky-bound roof

Sharp-barbed, stinging
Tongue twisters
Shrouded in laughter

What is meant
The meanings
Of words not said

Strategy disguised as Love
Grand manipulation
To win the cold war

Endless cycles
Saying the same thing
For generations

Laughing off black and blue
To good old boys
Wearing gold and blue

Paired off and repaired
Bred to consumption
Medicated satisfaction

Socially acceptable
Mental illness defined
Bestowed by guardians

This structure and form
Described and scribed
In deafening detail

Until the house crumbles
Severed from its lexicon
Of idiom and poor locution


Remittance Girl said...


"This structure and form
Described and scribed
In deafening detail"

Oh yes, I think you've done that. I was intensely moved by this.

This_Lifetime said...

I was very much moved by this; my heart ached, and I was close to tears. You write beautifully with truth, thank you.