August 21, 2010


Dark cave covered
Self-created recluse
Feeling around
Cold wet walls
Of how I'm supposed to be

Ridges of skin
Collect moisture
From pre-timed stone
Merging with history
That's not mine

Longing from myself
Expatriate to
Lands of sand winds
Swelling red seas
Of foudroyant hunger

Touch my shadowed skin
Protected from nothing
Wanting the everything
Quivering hesitation and
Uncontrolled ravishment

Peel back layers
My tightened mind
Flayed to pieces
Inside and out
Craving humanity's being

Dreams of escape
Relentless mediocrity
A pick-axed ditch
Dug deeper by the day
Choking on boulders

This cave a tunnel
I stumble in dark
Reaching for pinpoints of light
Always farther away
I am unwillingly stuck in time

1 comment:

Gay said...

Another great piece of art. I think you're stumbling along quite nicely :) Your imagery is always so perfect.