August 11, 2010

for now

Half tree
Wind swept
Reaching south
She lost her leaves
Rain pushes and pushes
She migrates

Tiny forest
On the other side of trees
Birds pick at upturned insects
Butterflies stick in sap
Puddles of mud fill the mines
Suffocating air
Drowning the prints of paws

Strange fossils
Bubble up
Shaded and hugged
By bleeding and bare branches
Scratched by sharp thorns
Humans left
With slashing machetes

Half tree
Never was whole
Reach past her history
To collect the sun
Saving the moon
Different days on the other side
Sleepless lights for now


Gay said...

I love the imagery in this poem, it's dark but beautiful.

Anonymous said...

omg you have a way with imagery of writing truly hauntingly beautiful Heather I got lost in this as in loved it so much wanted to go back and read again you take the reader to another world always beez :)x