August 7, 2010

what you gave me: for the him of me

You gave me
Bottled up and
Placed on the
Back shelf for decades
I am beautiful

You gave me
By life and all the
Serious things
Invading my skin

You gave me
When I didn't even
Know it was dark
Like the full moon
Peering in at midnight

You gave me
Of love and lust
And all the nice
Things I forgot how to write about
They soaked in venom for so long

You gave me
My emotions
A Pandora's box
Of confusion and chaos
Your patience guided me
To find stability

You gave me
Back my six senses
Buried in dust
And ash
I'm reconnecting
With what is me

I can only give you
And a special place
In my heart
Where my debt to you
Can never be repaid

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