September 26, 2010

excerpt of something bigger

A thousand times over
Buried deep in the sands
The hottest deserts
Under pyramids
In the foundations of nomads
I am the earth
Bubbling up to meet you
Each grain
My degree of feeling
And knowing
You will always
Not be mine
Grains in the hourglass
Ticking away time
To the next life
And the next
You will always
Not be mine
Separated by lives
Meant to be lived
Feeling separately
To core
To marrow
To the dawn of existence
Blanketed by stars in the sky
I will live happily
This burden
A smile
Joy in my heart
If you could find
Happiness you wholly need
And deserve
Making you peace
Silenced of ghosts and demons
Taking them
To twist and torment
My skin
Crumbled to sand
Leaving yours
Lit by stars and moonlight
I want to hold your face
Look into blue
Taking your pain
You are made of stardust
Particles as you are
I love you like my best friend
I love you
You will always
Not be mine

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