September 27, 2010

my love as the wind

From mountaintops
Snow caps to clouds
Flying under wings
Through talons
Speaking air's language
Touching the rays of sun
Beams of moon
Light of stars
Darkness of naught
Hot or cold
Rolling over wild vistas
Through tree covered valleys
With a bird's eye view
Gently pushing the tops
Of green crowns
My breath
Over and under
Branches and leaves
Caressing wild beasts
As they go about their business
Into the echo
Of dry canyons
Painted red boulders
Desert dry heat
Kicking up dust
Smoothing the white caps
Of rough seas
Plunging past seaweed and fish
In the deep end
Of blue water
Shouted from soap boxes
Sandwich boards
And bus stop miscreants
On urban
Street corners
Mixed in the din
Of noisy dirty night clubs
Sticky table bottoms
Sweaty strangers
Bathed in neon
Whispered from my lips
To your ear
In quiet naked moments
Out of breath
And with full lungs
Anywhere everywhere
Wanting to tell you
Into the empty cup of no return
I love you

1 comment:

Luna said...

as the wind I fly
as the wind I try
as the wind I am
as the wind I fill the sails
as the wind I spread the seeds of life
as the wind I float kites
as the wind I tickle with the slightess breeze

I was lifted by your wind
dance and went with it
giggled with glee
as is passed through trees
on it's way to sea
then I felt it come back down
and touch the veil of sadness

love.. the wind blows
love.. the wind knows

speak it
share it with the
for love finds love
mirrored in our souls
blown with winds of time

beautiful words Heather ..just beautiful... so full of imagery