September 9, 2010

irish hymn (him)

Inside me he pulses
Like blood in hot depths
Rising to steam
Of disappearing thoughts

Contemplating blue
Deep end of bottomless waters
He takes my breath
Seeing me skyclad

Wrapped in clouds
Lying in grasses
Harvesting blooms
I love him

The stillness of his words
Protect me from pain
I already feel
He speaks to her and I die

Holding hope
In the palm of my hand
A tiny fire nurtured
From my own wet depravity

I wrap my skin in him
Breathing warmth into me
And I live
I love him

Selling myself
To keep him in reach
Beautiful him
Like stars to the moon

Drowning in his sea of space
He's become my reality
Swollen absorbing flesh
I adore him

Strings strung around my wings
Grounded to his surface
He holds my flight
I love him still

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