September 19, 2010

sunshine of her love

She scribbled out a note
Lined yellow legal paper
Her signature a rusty blue
Under the salt and pepper shakers
Polished kitchen table

They met in the alley
Behind the gas station
Rotting trash darkness
"How do you want it?"
He asked

"I don't care," came confidently
From between her teeth
"Just don't kill me."
He grabbed her arm
Squeezed and pulled

Flickering neon-washed motel
Corner sales to get high
Bass thumped her chest
From parking lot vultures
He already had a key

Worn rug brown
Cracked sink in the room
"Hang on," he slurred
Tossing her aside
The bedspread was wet

He crossed the room
Turning on the lamp
Light switch hole by the door
Beige and green wallpaper
Breathe decade's old fumes

She opened the window
Letting in the sound
Of outside
Silencing any intimacies
That might escape

"Take them off"
He said picking at her blouse
She did
One layer at a time
Bloodshot eyes

She noticed a bleach bottle
In the corner
Bent over, taking her shoes off
Heel to toe
Feet from Gideon's Bible

Cash placed on the night stand
Bundled of green
"What we agreed," she said
He nodded his long crusted face
Moving in

She slid in
Stiff cold sheets
Laid on her side
Window faced, pillow bound
Her eyes closed

His feet came around the bed
Dropped mattress with his weight
She hears the slide of metal
Long like nails on a chalkboard
And he inhales her last breath

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